The Best Non-Surgical Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat (Hint: It’s Not Diet or Exercise)

The Best Non-Surgical Way to Get Rid of Unwanted Fat (Hint: It’s Not Diet or Exercise)

Many people have a strict diet and exercise regimen designed to help them with their weight loss efforts. If you have a lot of weight to lose, this strategy can be effective in getting you down to a more manageable and healthy weight. However, there may also come a time when no matter how much dieting and exercising you do, certain areas of stubborn fat simply won’t go away. 

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation and aren’t completely satisfied with how you look, then the final touches to your body should be through body sculpting. One of the most effective body sculpting procedures is WarmSculpting with SculpSure, which is designed to contour and tone your trouble areas on your body. We’ve explained the process for you, why it works, and what you can expect with a SculpSure treatment.

What Is The Purpose Of Body Sculpting?

Some areas of the body provide more challenges than others when it comes to losing weight. These areas typically include the abdomen, outer and inner thighs, love handles, back, and buttocks. However, everyone’s body is unique and stubborn areas of fat can form other places as well. Body sculpting aims to provide an effective and non-surgical method for reducing unwanted fat in a specific area of the body. These body sculpting treatments involve using lasers by highly-trained professionals to destroy fat cells in targeted areas. The overall goal is to boost your confidence and improve your appearance.

Ideal Candidates For Body Sculpting

It’s important to know that body sculpting procedures are not designed to help you lose a significant amount of weight. The ideal candidate will be near their ideal weight for their height and body type but simply needs a little help getting rid of extra fat on the body. Think of body sculpting procedures as a spot-treatment procedure that targets specific small areas to tighten the body. If you are unsure whether you are a candidate for body sculpting, visit a medical professional for a consultation.

What To Expect From A WarmSculpting Treatment

WarmSculpting with SculpSure is widely regarded as one of the best treatment options for eliminating stubborn and unwanted fat. The SculpSure laser penetrates the skin to target unwanted fat cells without damaging the skin in the process. When the heat from the laser contacts the fat cells, they will break down into very small pieces. The WarmSculpting with SculpSure technology has a built-in cooling mechanism so you won’t feel the heat during the treatment. And once your treatment is complete, your body will naturally process the small pieces of fat that disintegrated and flush them out of your body. So by continuing with your regular diet and exercise regimen after a WarmSculpting treatment, you’ll finally be seeing results by losing fat in those stubborn areas that seemed impossible to lose before.

Minimal Side Effects And Recovery Process

The best part about WarmSculpting treatments is there are virtually no side effects or downtime. Some patients may experience some tingling or burning on the skin in the area where the treatment is performed. Most of the time, anesthesia is not required since the level of pain is tolerable for the vast majority of people. A single SculpSure treatment may take roughly 30 minutes to complete, and most people can resume normal activities immediately following their treatment. It’s important to follow the post-care recommendations from your medical professional to minimize any levels of discomfort.

Enhance Your Appearance And Boost Your Confidence With WarmSculpting

A single WarmSculpting treatment can lead to a significant reduction in fat volume, but many people need two or three treatments to achieve their final desired results. The average reduction in fat for patients at the end of their treatment cycles is significant. Most patients experience a significant boost in confidence due to finally achieving the appearance they’ve wanted.

Hillside Medical Clinic will discuss a detailed treatment plan to help you understand exactly how we can target your areas of unwanted fat. When you’re ready to lose fat in stubborn areas of your body, contact us to schedule an appointment and start the process of contouring your body.


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