Is Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment Right For Me?

At Hillside Medical Clinic we want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. Feeling confident is important and having stretch marks and loose skin can take away from that. Usually, stretch marks appear after pregnancy, if you’ve quickly lost or gained weight, or rapidly lost or gained muscle. Essentially, stretch marks come from the skin stretching quickly and adding stress on the collagen and elastin in the skin which then causes fiber tears. When the body tries to heal, pink, red, brown, or white scars form, called stretch marks. 


Discovering if the stretch mark reduction treatment at Hillside Medical Clinic is right for you is important. Let’s answer a few of the most commonly asked questions so you can feel confident about having your stretch mark reduction treatment completed at our clinic. 


Do stretch marks go away?

A common question and concern about stretch marks are asking if they will go away. Many women worry about scarred skin postpartum which is a valid concern since many women suffer from stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss.


In any case, stretch mark scarring may slowly fade over the years. However, having your skin exactly how it used to be is rare. 


How can you remove stretch marks?

Getting rid of stretch marks can be very difficult if you don’t go to the right resources. Drugstores and grocery aisles are filled with stretch mark creams and serums promising to remove scars. Unfortunately, they typically only provide little to no improvement. 


That’s why at Hillside Medical Clinic we provide a real solution. Laser stretch mark removal is the best option when it comes to reducing and minimizing stretch marks for good. 


Hillside Medical Clinic uses a state-of-the-art laser therapy called the TempSure™ Icon™ laser aesthetic system. This laser can minimize stretch marks from your back, stomach, legs, thighs, and other areas. 


How do laser treatments work?

The Icon™ laser deploys laser light deep into your tissues to reduce discoloration, and smooth uneven tones and textures. Depending on how pervasive your stretch marks are they customize the wavelength and handpieces accordingly. 


The Icon™ works so well that it’s also a popular treatment option if you want to remove unwanted hair, minimize spider veins, or decrease scars and wrinkles.


The treatment can be completed in less than 30 minutes and does not cause any pain. Afterward, you’ll be given details on how many treatments you need. The recovery per treatment takes about two to three weeks. However, you will still be able to go about your normal activities. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected from the sun will be key to your results. 


Do stretch mark laser treatments work?

If you decide to get the laser stretch mark removal treatment you obviously want to be pleased with the results in the long run.


Stretch mark laser therapy does work because it helps repair skin and induces collagen production to rebuild the stretched-out areas. Collagen keeps your skin stretchy, so the less there is the more likely you are to develop stretch marks. The laser treatment will also diminish discoloration and improve the texture of your skin. 


So, yes, the stretch mark laser treatment does work and has provided many women with exceptional results! 

Schedule your stretch mark treatment 

Stop opting to change your wardrobe to hide stretch marks or letting yourself feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You deserve to feel secure and in love with yourself! 

Contact us today at 801-477-9007 and schedule an appointment or ask about pricing. Let the stretch mark treatment specialists at Hillside Medical Clinic help you take the step to feel more confident in your skin.

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