How to Make the Most of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Many patients ask, “How do I make my laser hair removal treatment last longer?”


In order to answer this question, it’s important to understand exactly how the laser hair removal process works and how to take care of your skin after treatment.


How laser hair removal treatment works

The lasers emit a concentrated light beam that targets the pigmentation in the hair, converting light to heat in order to damage the follicle and prevent further growth. The entire laser hair removal treatment process is quick.


Between each treatment, your hair will grow less and less. Eventually, you won’t see your hair grow back for several months or even years. When it does begin to grow back, the hair is typically finer and lighter. 


Getting the most out of your treatment

You’re investing time and energy into getting the beautiful, smooth skin you’ve always wanted, so how do you make it last between each session and beyond once you’ve completed your treatment? 

Here are three key tips to get the most of your laser hair removal treatment:

1. Avoid waxing and applying cosmetic products

Coming to your appointment freshly shaven is typically a good idea. However, remember to avoid wax, lotion, deodorant, or other cosmetic products. When waxed, hair is removed by the follicle. For laser hair removal, follicles need to be intact for effective and desired results. 

2. Plan ahead

Summer is the typical time for you to think about laser hair removal. However, we suggest starting treatment in the winter or spring so you can progress through most sessions before warmer weather comes and you’re exposed to more sun.

3. Protect your skin from the sun

Laser hair removal does not require recovery time and you can continue daily activities uninterrupted. It does require patients to avoid direct and prolonged sunlight as the skin takes time to heal and becomes vulnerable to UV rays. This includes the necessity to avoid tanning beds.


Results vary

Getting the most from your laser hair treatment includes these tips. It also includes uncontrollable factors such as hair type, area treated, type of laser used and skin color. With this understanding and 4-6 treatments over the course of 3-6 months, you can expect a 10-25% hair reduction. 


By following these guidelines you can enjoy a successful laser hair treatment removal to last several months or a few years.


Schedule your laser hair removal treatment

Once you’ve started laser hair removal, you’ll not only enjoy smoother skin but also relief from the long-gone hassle of tweezing, shaving or waxing. With multiple sessions, you’ll begin to see the beautifully smooth skin you’ve been after.

Take the first step to smooth skin by scheduling your first laser hair removal treatment. Contact us on our website or by phone at 801-477-9007. As you schedule, we’ll adjust to fit your lifestyle, making sure you have the desired downtime, comfort and results.

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